We have all seen or read about hoarders with the recent popular television shows. But hoarding is nothing new. But what exactly is hoarding? Simply defined, hoarding is the extreme collecting of anything from trash and animals to clothing, media and toys. It makes no difference what the hoard is made up of, but to be considered true hoarding it has to be large enough that it disrupts the functionality of a home.

Hoarding is not race, gender, or age specific. It affects poor people as much as it affects the rich. We see hoarders of all types. When faced with a hoarding situation here is what we have learned. A hoarder will not be helped until he or she is ready for help. At MPS Junk Removal we understand how difficult this situation can be and we always treat our customers with the utmost respect and dignity during the cleanup process.

Our services include:

  • On-site Estimates
  • Multiple stage plans.
  • Very discreet and compassionate in helping you with your needs.
  • Several years of experience with working with customers and their unique needs.
  • Very adaptable to every different situation.

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